Win And Challenge Friends More In 8 Ball Pool Game

8 Ball Pool Guide

When you are playing 8 Ball Pool game and want to win it desperately then you have to follow some easy and simple strategies. It is no rocket science and you do not have to be a virtual game pro to operate the features and buttons that are there in the pool game. Simply concentrate on playing more so that winning becomes a more often chance and habit in you. For each day of playing you are allowed to have an extra Spin and Win for free. This is a mini games which can enable you to earn as much as fifty thousand pool coins along with an exclusive pool cue.

You can access the Spin and Win from the main menu of the 8 Ball Pool game or skip it as it would load automatically in your account when you first start playing the pool game for the day. The items that are available in the game have both higher and lower values and it is best that you go for the lower valued ones and win them more in volumes. Lower value items are easier to win rather than the higher valued ones. There are tens of thousands prizes that are given out every day as it is just the question of how lucky you are on that day to earn the maximum number of such prizes.

Cash and resources are very useful and essential in this Pool game just as it is for any virtual game and therefore you should collect it regularly from the items as and when they appear and play more and more games to enrich your inventory of cash. You can always opt for 8 ball pool hack tool for generating unlimited number of cons and cash for your purpose and not worry about payment as those would be generated for free provided you know the right way to do it. When you have enough cash with you then you can even buy extra spins from the pool shop as well.

There is also another type of mini game which is called the Scratch and Win where you have to simply scratch the squares on the card and whenever any three squares from such cards matches you are awarded with a number of pool coins. Like the Spin and Win mini game the items which have higher value are rarer to win and therefore, you should stick to the lower valued ones. In the 8 Ball Pool game you can win maximum of two hundred and fifty thousand pool coins with scratchers that are available on sale and also can be won in the Spin and Win mini game.

Use the pool shop to the optimum level to buy everything that you want to customize your 8 Ball Pool game. From new cues to tables all are available on sale. You can enter the pool shop from the main menu of the game, to choose from over one hundred different types of cues from classic cues to the extravagant cues like the Millionaire cue. So, go and play the pool.

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