Tips to Play SimCity BuildIt


The SimCity BuildIt, like its predecessors, is all about building. From small houses to police stations, you will have to create the perfect town to keep your people happy with the way they are living. Here are some of the simcity buildit guide‘s that you need to remember to ace the game like a pro:

  • Creating a big city that is well-populated is the ultimate purpose of the game. If you upgrade the houses and allow your people to have better services, you will be able to get better tax from the happy citizens. The Sims will be happier if you provide them with many parks.
  • When building, make sure to keep the industrial area away from the houses so that the waste from the industries do not spoil the land and affect the people living in the area This is why it is best to construct police stations, fire stations, bus stops and other such buildings in the residential area and people will be happy to stay.
  • If you feel that your city is congested, it is time to re-organise the buildings and streets to ensure proper traffic and high performance of the city. You can improve the roads by keeping the factories far away from the area where people reside.
  • Remember that your factory and industry are the sources for producing materials that are required to further build. Hence pay attention to them and always collect enough material and store them for further use. It is also wise to keep a mixture of materials and elements ready to use so that when the time comes, you do not have to waste precious time in freshly producing and mixing them.
  • Moreover, if you have excess materials at hand, you can always trade them at the GTHQ and earn SimCash through it. This way your factory will not sleep and keep producing material and you will also simultaneously be able to sell them and earn adequate profit from it.
  • However, in order to store these surplus materials, you need a large storage area in the city. So be quick to build the storage area and then start your quest to store materials for later use and for profit.
  • The main purpose of your everyday money investments should be to accelerate the returns and expanding stores is one way of doing just that. The higher the amount of goods you produce, the better it will be useful when expanding and upgrade
  • Though coal is cheaper than wind power, the use of the latter will keep your residents happy. Moreover, large fire stations should also be built over smaller ones which will all lead to keeping your Sims content with their living.

Though you will be able to get easy SimCash in the beginning, it will start slowing down as you cross levels. SimCity BuildIt Tricks gives you the upper hand in getting this SimCash without you having to work too hard for it.

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